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3 Reasons You Should Get Your Insurance From an Independent Agent

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A comprehensive insurance plan is vital to giving you peace of mind and covering you in the unfortunate event of an accident, but finding the insurance plan that works best for you can be difficult. With so many insurance companies out there, all claiming to provide the best coverage for the lowest price, how do you know which company to go with? The answer is simple: rely on an independent agent.

Consider these three reasons to trust an independent insurance agent to find the best insurance policy for you – then call Crouch Insurance Service, Inc. to speak with an experienced agent.

1. You get attentive, personalized service

You’re a person, not a number, and an independent insurance agent appreciates that. Trust the independent insurance agent at Crouch Insurance Service to listen to your needs and find the best plan for you. Questions about your policy? Speak with your own personal agent, not an automated service, and get an honest answer to your questions and concerns. Call today to speak directly with an independent insurance agent about your insurance needs.

2. You get the best rate

A large insurance company will give you a quote for the lowest rate on their insurance, but there could be other companies out there with the same coverage for less. By working with multiple insurance agencies, an independent agent will find you the best rate on the coverage you need. Don’t overpay for insurance – call Crouch Insurance Service.

3. You get real-time help when making claims

The whole point of insurance is to have it there when you need it. With Crouch Insurance Service, you work directly with an independent agent when filing a claim, not a confusing and time-consuming automated phone service. Your independent agent will contact your provider directly and facilitate the claim process for you, making the process quick and simple.

Call Crouch Insurance Service today to discover how getting the insurance coverage you need can be quick, easy and affordable.

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